Financial Spread Betting an an Alternative

Many people have seen their wealth decline massively in the last few years. Less people believe what the ‘experts’ are telling them about financial markets. They want to take control and trade on their own decisions. People are using financial spread betting to do this as there are lots of advantages which I will tell you about.

5 Successful Spread Betting Secrets

A growth market spread betting in the UK is on the rise and many more companies and banks are offering services to cater for this clientele. Many start out but fail at the first hurdle, so read out 5 secrets to being successful in this industry.

What is a Day Trader?

The practice of buying and selling stocks, currencies, futures contracts or stock options in the same trading day is known as day trading. Someone who buys and sells stocks through out the same day is known as a day trader.

Day Trading Courses and Trading Computers – Important Tools For the Active Trader

Your trading computer is one of the most important tools any trader needs; especially if you are scalp trading or relying on fast execution. Bearing in mind the cost of trading computers in general compared to the cost of a few bad trades or even the cost of a day trading course, surely no matter what your trading style, you should have the very best computer for the job.

The Benefits of Stock Option Trading Software in Your Day Trading

If you really make the most of stock option trading, automate much of the trading as possible. This is where stock option trading software comes in. In this article, I discuss some to the benefits of using stock option software to help you in your trades.

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