Learning to Make Adjustments and Your Intraday Day Trading

It would be very convenient to have a day trading system that worked under all conceivable conditions without fail. Whether the market was consolidating, trending upward, or trending downward the ideal system would churn out profits regardless of prevailing market conditions. Unfortunately, no system adequately deals with varying market conditions that can arise throughout the course of their daily trading session.

A Common Mistake Traders Make When Day Trading

It is not uncommon for traders to have the financial news on as they trade. I have found that listening to the news leads me to some biased thinking and results in a few faulty trades. So I turn the television off.

Why You Should Make Use of the Best Day Trading Tools

Price action on a trading chart is often overlooked in favor of oscillators and indicators. Pure oscillator traders are missing out on a wealth of information in price action and price patterns.

Using Spread Betting Systems to Catch the Big Winning Trades

Recently, one of the world’s top traders, Stanley Druckenmiller, announced his retirement from fund management due to his frustration at not being able to generate the usual returns that he normally produces. One of the factors that have negatively impacted his performance this year is that, by his own admission, he missed the move in treasuries. This does highlight a very important lesson for traders and that is that you must have a trading system, or in our case, spread betting system with specific trading rules and the discipline to follow it consistently.

Day Trading Shares Via Spread Betting Or Investing For the Long Term?

Just thought I would like to mention a few things on this selling shares stuff; if you’re day trading or spread betting on the stock markets, then of course it is okay to sell if you’re in profit. The only drawback with selling, is finding a good point to get back in. You might make a few good calls, and think you’ve cracked this trading thing, but (always a but), eventually your capital will be eaten away with bad calls, or else you think, blimey, wish I had not sold now!

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