Can You Trade E-Minis When You Are Angry?

I suppose the title should read “should you trade e-mini’s when you are angry?” as you most certainly you can trade in whatever mood you may be experiencing. It is my belief that most people don’t adequately examine their emotional state prior to beginning their trading day and their futures trading account is affected.

How to Choose the Right Capitalization for Your Trading

Are you still struggling with choosing the best capitalization strategy for your trading system/portfolio? What approach do I use for my own trading? Is there any software that can help you to make this decision? To find out the best approach and the opinion of a professional trader, you should definitely read this article.

Are Binary Options a Better Trading Vehicle Than E-Mini Trading?

Binary Options seem to be all the rage these days if the number of websites and articles are any indication of popularity. The object of this “investment” is to pick which direction the stock will move over a relatively short period of time.

E-Mini Trading: Which Contracts Should You Trade in the Overnight Session?

Trading has changed a good deal since I first stepped onto the trading floor in the 1980’s and one of the most significant changes has been the development of overnight trading. As I am sure you are aware, most contracts are open for e-mini trading nearly 24 hours each day.

Should You Automate Your E-Mini Trading With a Robot?

Turning your e-mini trading into a slick money making machine through automation would seem to be every e-mini trader’s dream come true. We would all love to sit back and enjoy the computer making successful trade after trade and watch the money pile up in our futures trading accounts.

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