#1 Reason Why Bitcoin Dumped! (Is This The End For Crypto?)

Should You Day Trade?

Technology has made the world of Day Trading more accessible than ever, but just because you can day trade, should you? Several basic questions must be asked before this industry should even be considered.

5 Key Aspects of Technical Analysis

Instead of starting with a strategy and trying to find a stock that MIGHT move as that strategy requires it to move the WHAT, WHEN, WHY, WHO, and WHERE of Technical Analysis shows you how to trade the stock properly, with far more control on your part and thus more reliable trading results. Strategies are not the first thing to choose, they are the LAST thing you should choose. Let the stock chart and the 5 Key Aspects of Technical Analysis tell you how to trade the stock for optimal results.

Binary Options And Trading Software

Trading binary options is a rather new but one of the simplest investment strategies. You don’t have to be a finance guru to make some extra money, however, you still need to know what you are doing. Let’s look at the basics involving binary options trading and how to get started.

Why the Stock Market Didn’t React To Being “Rigged” and 10 Tips for the Average Trader and Investor

The stock market had a strong up day on moderate volume yesterday as the “Flash Boys” book and its author made the media circuit. The Institutions and professionals are yawning. More than 1/3 of the institutions queried said they did not believe it would scare off the average investor. They did mostly agree that it would ramp up some sort of SEC regulation and investigation but they know that the SEC has been investigating High Frequency Traders HFTs for a couple of years, ever since the Flash Crash of 2010.

High Frequency Trading Explained

High Frequency Trading has been in the news for several years, but recently media attention has escalated. High Frequency Trading firms are now the market participant everyone loves to hate. High Frequency Trading, which has become synonymous with high speed trading but not necessarily the same thing, has been the center of a heated debate that has divided market participant groups. The argument is whether these millisecond order transaction platforms are good or bad for the financial markets. People either believe the HFTs should be banned, or they believe they should be part of the market but regulated.

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