10x Trading Series – Altcoins I’m Buying and Selling! Ep. 7

Top 10 Most Reliable Candlestick Patterns

The only candlestick patterns you need to know. In my opinion, there are only 5 bullish candlestick patterns that are worth trading. But before we trade on candlestick patterns, we must understand the intent of the price action. Some traders will trade candlestick patterns with some other forms of technical analysis.

Learn to Read Trading Charts and Confirm With Indicators

It’s not unusual to see advertisements for trading education and see a wall of monitors with dozens of indicators and charts adorning the background. This may be understandable if the individual is a professional trader and following half a dozen different markets. This is generally not the case though; it’s been my experience that many retail traders may have up to six monitors with a battery of a dozen indicators following every imaginable market variable.

How To Trade T-Bond Futures And S and P Emini Futures – 7 Days FREE Course By Brian Heyliger!

Meet Brian Heyliger. He has been trading these contracts and making six figures. In his 7 days FREE course on how to trade treasury bond futures and the S&P Emini futures, he will show you how to master trading these two contracts on your paper trading account in order to start making six figures as a trader. If you can become an expert in trading these two contracts, you can start making six figures as a day trader. Whatever, this is your chance to get 7 days FREE training on how to trade these contracts from a six figure trader.

Developing A Successful Trading Plan How To – 71 Page Comprehensive FREE Book By Norman Hallet

Fail to plan and plan to fail. You need to keep this famous quotation in mind when thinking of becoming a day or a swing trader. Many traders start their trading career without ever thinking about developing a trading plan. Your trading plan is like a road map that tells you what are your financial goals as a trader and how you plan to go about achieving those goals as a day trader or a swing trader.

E-Mini Trading: More on the Advantages and Disadvantages of the YM and ES

There is no shortage of opinions among e-mini traders as to which contract is the most profitable to trade. In my opinion, the various financial index e-mini contracts all have specific advantages and disadvantages that an e-mini trader should consider.

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