Technical Analysis – Have the Right Tools and Discipline?

Technical Analysis of stock trading is an art as well as science. Wondering how? It involves expression of creative skill and imagination and hence it’s an art. It’s also a science because it encompasses systematic study of the structure and behavior of stock trading. Making money in trading doesn’t need a scholar but it requires great discipline and right tools coupled with timely execution.

Stock Screening – Got Eagle Eyes?

You need to have Eagle eyes to catch the pattern formation in the charts. Right screening tool can catch the chart patterns and save you with some good money. If you have selected the trading instrument and if you know the set of filter criteria to use, ‘stock screener’ tool can pick you stocks you need to fly with.

Social Trading – Fad or Phenomenon?

Social trading is a new and exciting way for people to trade currencies and other instruments online. Social trading has been pushed by a number of large brokerages and seems to be here to stay. But is social trading really just a fad or will it be a long running phenomenon?

Why Foreign Exchange (Forex) Currency Trading Is The Best Business To Run From Overseas

Are you an expatriate living overseas from your homeland? Are you finding it hard to find work or derive an income to support yourself where you now live? Let take a look at a way to stay living overseas with financial security you can control.

Essence of Trading: Trading Is Easier Than Most People Think

Trading is not as hard as many beginners imagine. There are several reasons for its reputation being a challenging task. These obstacles are real but manageable if you prepare yourself properly.

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