20k Ethereum This Year (Why ETH Crushes Bitcoin)

Private Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange is a unique global market in its liquidity, volume of international trades and the efficiency of the system of moving money globally. It has changed the whole concept of money exchange, making it more accessible and more efficient.

Points An Individual Should Know About Just Before Opening Up A FX Account

Forex or Foreign exchange continues to be more visible in several business portfolios since small investors got the opportunity to participate in the FX realm. Despite the presence of pressure and the rigors of a day job, numerous investors still want to enter and take advantage of the Forex trading markets. There are actually obtainable Forex accounts that allows you to train your trading skills for 30 days with no associated risk. You’ll find quotes, currency pairs, technical graphs and analysis and 24 h…

The Radioactive Effect Japanese Yen Has on US Dollar and Euro

It is widely expected for the Japanese Yen to depreciate in light of the massive earthquake which struck the country on 11th Mar 2011. Hopefully, the slump of the Japanese will be medium term at most, and not have a half-life of the radioactivity that is plaguing the country now.

West African CFA Franc Appreciating Against US Dollar and Euro

It is forecasted that the XOF and XAF will further appreciate and trade at 1 USD = 440.0 XOF by end of 2011, and to 1 USD = 430.0 XOF by middle of Jun 2012. While much of this is dependent on the political situation in Ivory Coast to be resolved soon, we are quietly confident that this will happen.

Profitable Expert Advisors – How To Spot The Real Deal

In an ideal world, you could go to any Forex trading system website, pick out the latest profitable Forex expert advisors and know that it would deliver on all the promises that were made by the seller. Obviously, it’s not so easy to find a metatrader expert advisor that actually delivers the goods these days, so how do you find truly profitable expert advisors in the midst of all the junk that is out there? By the end of this article, you’ll know how to spot the profitable expert advisors that are the real deal.

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