A Brief History of Bitcoin Market Trends (Bullish End to 2021?)

Should I Trade DMA CFDs Or Market Maker CFDs?

There are two main types of CFDs, direct market access (DMA) and market made (MM). The most popular type is the market made variety. The reason for the popularity of market made CFDs is simply because CFD providers offering this type of CFD are also able to offer CFDs over indices and forex pairs. DMA CFDs are typically more common with traders that are more familiar with share trading for the simple reason that DMA CFDs allow traders to participate in the opening and closing phases of the market and also the order book of the underlying security over which the DMA CFD is based. Both varieties of CFD have their place amongst traders and investors and it is important that you choose the type that suits your trading style.

Trading – The Seasons – Why E-Mini Markets Change & How To Profit

The e-mini markets are controlled by the collective human emotion which operates within its controlled environment. Outside forces that effect humans therefore, affects the markets. Weather changes and the seasonal changes can mean markets change for better or worse. Experienced traders know that different market conditions call for different approaches to trading.

The Lazy Trader – Prologue

There are lots of ways to get things done. Traders should find ways of working smarter, not harder!

The Lazy Trader – Plan To Win (Part 2)

Newcomers to trading can’t wait to get started, but it’s important to make sure you are ready. Being ready means having an answer to many important questions about your new business activity…

CFD Corporate Actions – Share Splits and Rights Issues

Corporate actions are a frequent occurrence in the Australian Market. Typically your CFD position will mirror the corporate actions associated with owning the underlying share. Holders of a CFD position can participate in Corporate actions, including share splits and rights issues however in certain circumstances where a corporate action involves a number of options your CFD provider may not allow you to choose but will rather select an option which will be applied to all of their clients open CFD positions.

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