Find Out the Value of Any Business: How to Do It in Two Easy Steps

This article explains how to find out the value of any business in two easy steps. After reading it, you will be able to understand and calculate how much any business is worth.

Eurozone Problems: European Banks Are Having Trouble Raising Money

A survey of European banks gives you an idea about a sharp decrease in lending capacities of the banks. It’s time to comprehend the reasons behind such trouble at raising money.

Learn How to Save Money for Retirement

Saving money for retirement can be a difficult task. In this article we will give you a few tips that will help you plan your finances and help you save money for retirement.

A Cashless Society

How much do you know about the concept of a cashless society? Do you ever think it shall be realized? I don’t mean to burst your bubbles but I know the realization of a cashless society is inevitable. The following is a sneak peak on some of the merits and demerits associated with such a society.

Shares, Property or Cash?!

For the past five years as a whole, bonds and cash have been the place to be. While yields on bank deposits have been single digit, they have been higher than the returns from both shares and residential property. Of course, some shares and some property locations have done well but the broad experience has been poor, as the global financial crisis and its aftermath have weighed on returns from growth assets.

Cyprus Bank Bailout Steals Money From Innocent Savers

No one could have prepared for this… so I am advising you ALL wherever you live to beware of the banks. All banks are interconnected and your money is not necessarily safe in a bank. Make sure you have enough cash out of the bank. And invest the rest in gold and silver.

Assessing Personal Credit Worthiness

Self-assessment of personal credit worthiness is a crucial factor of simplifying loan applications. It will help in minimizing the risk of being denied by lenders.

China Industrial ETFs Are Attractive Again

Foreign Investors sold on the long term Sino growth must rather consider index controlled Chinese Industrial Funds that will allow a wide spectrum portfolio and an equated weight age among the top most liquid stocks from the Industrial Machinery that runs the massive country and its more than a billion citizens. The United States, Japan and European Union have established a successful and profitable network of business with China. There is a great degree of scope for foreign investing in the nation.

Save Time and Improve Cash Flow

There’s no reason to add 20 minutes to your day for you. Check? What’s a check? You’ve probably heard people say that. The popularity of online bill-pay and credit or debit cards has led to the demise of many paper checkbooks.

The Importance Of Directors Duties For Any Company

No company can run without the proper staff and that includes the management team and the director, as well as all the other staff that are needed, right through to the canteen lady and the janitor. Each person has their duties and responsibilities that if done well will all become part of the fabric of the company or organization. Directors duties are probably one of the most important as without a director, the ship is virtually rudderless.

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