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7 Basics Rules of Bookkeeping You Must Never Forget

‘Take a pen and a piece of paper. Write down all your expenses and all your income. Deduct your expenses from your income and the net amount is your profit. This is the simplest form of bookkeeping and you can do this yourself. ‘ This is neither practical nor true. Bookkeeping is not a mundane task to be done by anybody. It is a specialised skill requiring attention to detail and a analytical mind. Bad or erroneous bookkeeping could easily bring the business down. Below are 7 reasons for how this could happen to any business.

2007-2009 Financial Crisis Cost Tax Payers $30 Trillion

2008 has come and gone and feels like a distant memory. The economy is back on its feet and the banks which were basically devastated because of the crisis or responsible for creating the crisis are in the best of health.

Five Simple Steps to Reducing Your Electricity Bill

An article that offers practical advice and tips to consumers on saving energy. It shares some simple measures and steps a consumer can take that could significantly lower total monthly power usage and reduce electric utility bill. Discusses energy efficient household appliances and cost effective methods of making one’s home more power friendly.

Disclaim Your Spouse’s IRA In Favor Of His Or Her Secondary Beneficiary

If your husband has a large IRA and you’re well off, consider disclaiming part or all of his IRA at his death. Doing so can leave more for your children. This is an estate tax avoidance strategy to be aware of.

Basics of Share Trading For the Average Person

With growing inflation and economic crisis, people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. The growing rate of unemployment isn’t helping their case either. Amidst all these factors it is impossible for people to have any kind of savings.

Some Ways To Earn Extra Money

Almost everyone wants to earn extra money because they want to buy something or sometimes they just want to save for something in the near future. Whether you’re still going to school or currently have a job, earning that extra income can go a long way.

How Banks Differ From Credit Unions

A lot of people may not really know the differences between credit unions or banks. If you are trying to decide between one or the other, here is some information to help you make a more well informed choice.

Free Mortgage Calculator Online – How To Make The Best Financial Decision Regarding Your Home

Buying a home is no small thing for most people because this is generally the most expensive thing they will ever buy. There are many different factors to be considered when finally making a purchase because this can have far reaching consequences. A mortgage is a particularly big thing to get into because you will have to make payments for the certain period, often many years at a stretch) until you have finally paid for the house.

Why A Commercial Mortgage Broker Is Important in Today’s Hotel Lending Environment

In the world of hotel ownership, commercial loan brokers are becoming more and more important. Commercial loan brokers, specifically mortgage brokers in this case, help with loan products and services related to the hotel and hospitality business.

How to Get the Working Capital Financing You Need Without the Big Banks

When running a small business working capital financing is crucial. Working capital financing is obtaining more funds without having to rely solely on traditional working capital such as day-to-day trading. Small business loans are increasing every year, and are getting easier to obtain, fortunately.

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