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What’s Easier, Losing Weight or Saving Money

Physical fitness vs. Fiscal fitness is the question. With physical fitness, it really is a 24/7 proposition. When shrinking that mid-section, you have to be forever mindful of your weight goals, and your perseverance can’t waiver, said another way, you can’t eat that cup cake, otherwise your results may be poor, or even worse, non-existent. Similar, fattening up your purse requires continued discipline, and the ability to tell yourself “no” every now and then, and mean it. If not, like weight loss, your results may be poor, or even worse, non-existent. So which is more difficult, losing weight or saving money? I suppose there can be strong arguments for both being the most difficult. In my case, the answer is very simple. For me, losing weight is the most difficult, hands down. Here’s why.

Common Myths About Litigation Funding Busted

Litigation funding or legal financing is a relatively new concept but one that’s seen steady popularity over the years. It also has its share of suspicious onlookers who view it as badly as they do a loan.

Financial Help Is Available With An Asbestos Lawsuit

Millions of people today are dealing with issues associated with mesothelioma. This disease is the direct response to exposure with asbestos. It’s something that millions of families have to deal with, and they don’t know how to gain a sense of justice and recourse when they realize what has happened.

Three Questions To Ask When Buying A Business

Buying a business can be an overwhelming task. Ask yourself these three questions before deciding if buying a business is right for you.

401(K) Basics: What Investment Options Are Available?

401k retirement plans are great options to build retirement savings. Learn more about the various investment options available.

Have Strong Fibre-Reinforced Profiles With Pultrusions

FRP materials are now used widely. The process that gives rise to such materials is pultrusion, one of the oldest methods.

Build Better Credit Starting This New Year

For many people, it has become a tradition to come up with a resolution every New Year. The primary goal for this is to make their lives better. Resolutions come in many shapes and colors, but one of the most important resolutions you should have on your list is to have better credit. Although strengthening your financial status could be a demanding goal, here are some tips to make the task a little less intimidating.

Income Investing And Financial Repression: The Next Step For America’s Banks

In a few years there will be far fewer banks than there are today. There will be less competition. Prices will be higher for consumers and profit margins will be fatter for the banks.

Interesting Ways to Spend Less Money

Looking for ways to spend less money with everyday items? Here are a few great suggestions that will help you spend less money every day and the bonus is some of these ways are really painless. There are many ways that you can spend less money each day, what may work for you is to challenge yourself to go a day or two a week and not spend any money. It can be done, it’s not easy though. But it is a great challenge.

Litigation Funding: Finding Someone Who Can Help

Litigation is not something that anyone wants to be involved with. Yet, is a part of life. Sometimes there are situations that will require us to become involved in litigation. Unfortunately, litigation can be expensive. If you do not have the funds for litigation you may be overwhelmed with the prospect of having to go through this process. Luckily, you don’t have to be independently wealthy to be able to get through litigation.

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