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6 Ways to Get Your Information Quickly in QuickBooks

Let’s face it – you’re busy, you have information you want to know but don’t want to spend all day getting it. Especially in the summer when you are either at your busy season or want to go on vacation. So here are 6 ways you can get your reporting quickly.

How to Find Experts to Help Your Business

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could open your own business and automatically know everything you needed to know to make it successful? While some people seem to have this kind of business green thumb, what they actually do is find experts to help them along the way. The key to being a successful business owner isn’t knowing everything; it is accepting that there is no way you can know everything.

Six Things You Must Consider When Preparing Your Will

When preparing your will, there are several things it must include in order to be valid. If you aren’t confident that you’ve prepared it properly, a will attorney can help.

How Children Can Be Affected by Identity Theft

Do you have children? Our children are at risk for Identity Theft.

Choosing The Right Type Of Guardianship To Protect Your Loved Ones

A guardianship legally appoints someone to act on behalf of another individual, acting in their best interests at all times. There are a variety of kinds of guardianship arrangements, each with specific limitations, so be sure to consult with an attorney before setting one up for yourself or a loved one.

How To Choose The Best Options Trading Strategy

Have you observed the sea? It is always full of tides both high and low. The trade and business features of a stock market are similar to the tides in the sea.

Diluent Shortage on the Horizon

Technology is making it possible to access oil that was previously thought to be inaccessible. This is dramatically increasing the oil production of Alberta.

Canadian Economy to Be Led by Alberta

In 2012, Alberta’s economy led the economic growth of the country at 3.9%. In 2013, Alberta’s economy is expected to lead the country once again albeit second to Newfoundland & Labrador according to a report released by RBC Economics Research. According to ATB Financial’s senior economist, Todd Hirsch, the growth of Saskatchewan’s economy may surpass Alberta this year. “It is difficult to say as Alberta was losing some of its workers to Saskatchewan for the past several years, however the situation seems to have inversed with Saskatchewan losing oil sand workers to Alberta. The push-and-pull between these two Prairie sisters has seen some dramatic movements of people over the decades,” Hirsch said.

The Looming American Tragedy!

A study released recently by the Pew Charitable Trust looked at the dismal shape of retirement planning for Generation X’ers. Sometimes called the “slacker generation”, the Gen X’ers who were born just after the baby boom are beginning to see that they are not even close to prepared to provide a comfortable retirement for themselves. This lack of funding will add to the United States’ looming debts and deficits in the years to come as this generation begins to drawn upon federal resources for their very survival when their productive years have passed.

Overview of International Money Transfer

Everything has its set of pros and cons. Nowadays the use of international money transfers has become much more common because of the advances in information technology. You can now easily make payments within minutes. The advances in technology and communications have made it possible for business transactions to take place over thousands of miles.

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