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Emini Futures Are A New Way To Pay For College Tuition

College students today are faced with a huge problem. To get ahead in this world a college education is vital. Yet college is expensive. Students emerging from many colleges and universities after earning their 4 year degree can have debts of anywhere from $50-100,000. For professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, the price can be much higher. When just starting out, that may take years to pay off. While scholarships help, they may only cover a portion of the entire amount. Many students end up taking out loans to stay in school. Yet everyone tells students — to get ahead in life you must stay in school and get a good education. What a dilemma. Stay in school and get burdened with a huge debt or don’t get a college education and end up with debts anyway since you can’t get a good paying job.

Writing Trading Rules That Fit Your Personality

Most new attempts at trading for a Living fail because the trader lacks trading rules. Of course, these are Trading Rules you’re expected to write before you have any trading experience. Asking a trader who is new to the trading business to write Trading Rules is like asking a High School Senior to pick a College major before he’s ever stepped foot into the business world.

Quote Stuffing Is A Thing Of The Past

On July 5, 2011, the Consolidated Quote System (CQS) used by the U.S. Stock Exchanges, increased its quote capacity by 33 percent to 1 million quotes per second. This capacity was quickly filled by high frequency trading robots (HFT’s). HFT’s make the old game of “quote stuffing” seem like amateur hour.

E-Mini Trading: Channel Trading, Bollinger Bands, and Reversion to the Mean Theory

As I mentioned in earlier articles, I am an enthusiastic channel trader, which flies in the face of what most e-mini traders consider prudent trading. Most e-mini traders avoid trading in channels because they can be unpredictable and unprofitable. Reversion to the Mean Theory has certainly had its abuse over the years by purveyors of stocks and bonds.

Day Trading and Other Jobs From Home

Working from home is an ideal job situation for most people. There are a lot of benefits and advantages that come from it. Unfortunately, working from home is not conducive to every job, but there are a few careers that can be successful right from your own house, such as E-mini futures trading.

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