Bitcoin and Ethereum Crashing!!! (EXTREME Volatility)

Learning to Trade the Market

You may have heard stories of market traders who have lost everything, from their retirement funds to their children’s inheritance. However, this should not put you off, why? Reason being these people entered into the trade ignorant and lacking in the basic skill of placing a trade.

What is the Difference Between Trading and Investing?

Trading and investing are completely different approaches to wealth creation, and understanding the difference will help you decide which route is best for your money. Your ability to withstand risk will influence the speed at which you achieve your desired financial growth.

Are the Rewards of Day Trading Worth the Risks?

It is difficult to recommend to new traders to look at day trading as a means of making a living. Of all the styles of trading available to the new trader, day trading has the most risks, the fastest feedback when you make a mistake, the most volatility, and the largest numbers of aggressive professional traders seeking to take advantage of your inexperience.

Speculator Trading Vs Becoming a Gambler

Nowadays with easy access to the market, within a day or so anyone is able to access the market and buy and sell shares from the comfort of their own living room. There is a problem though. Many of these people do not have any qualifications, or learn about how shares move short term and longer term also. That is why a large majority of amateur traders fail miserably from the get go.

Swing Trading Basics

Leaning the basics to swing trading is an important step in making money. I’d like to give you the most important piece of advice about any type of trading; Money Management!

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