Bitcoin And Ethereum Looking EXTREMLY Healthy (MMcrypto URGENT Message)

E-Mini Trading: Candlesticks Are Great, But I Prefer Renko Bars

This article will deal with one of my favorite topics and most used charting technique. We will be discussing Renko bars.

Day Trading in Your Birthday Suit

Day trading has become extremely popular with the average individual investor. Why? Because all the tools of the trade are easily accessible including real-time market activity, investing indicators and lightning quick trade executions, and enough charts to make Milton Friedman dizzy.

3 Important Day Trading Tips

Tip #1 – You Must Be Disciplined – If you want to be a successful day trader you must master the art of being disciplined. One of the main things that separates the great traders from the not so great traders is their ability to bounce back and stay focused after a loss. This comes from being disciplined and understanding you must continue to execute your plan no matter what happens.

Top Ways On How To Start Day Trading

The first step in day trading is to make sure you have the proper equipment. A good computer is a must. If you already have a computer then there is no need to rush out to buy a new one.

Day Trading For Beginers – What You Should Know?

As a day trader your job would be to buy and sell stocks all throughout the day. Some traders want the stock price to rise while others want the stock price to fall. Either way, the one thing that all day traders have in common is that they are looking for a way to profit quickly. Day traders rarely, if ever hold a stock overnight.

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