Day Trading Tips – What is a Bond?

A bond is a form of debt that you buy. In the transaction, you act as the bank, lending your money to investors, cities, and the government. They pay you back in full with regular interest payments.

Bollinger Bands – A Closer Look at a Powerful Indicator

The Bollinger Bands technique uses elements of statistics, supply management and technical analysis in order to come up with a set of bands which will help contain normal price action. The upper Bollinger Band should not be breached without some action from the trader to buy or sell the security.

A Simple and Effective Bollinger Band Technique

A number of complicated Bollinger band techniques exist and these have been proven to be very reliable. Often these slightly more advanced strategies involve using Bollinger bands in conjunction with other indicators, but the average trader does not have to resort to these methods in order to glean some useful information on future market direction.

Forex Demo Account – The Best Way to Start Trading Forex

Most Forex brokers would allow their customers to experience what forex trading is like by offering them to play with fake money on Forex demo accounts. Try it before you start trading with real money.

Know Yourself and Your Fellow Investors

We review certain aspects of individual and market behavior that are commonly observed in the stock markets. This will help you understand how and why people act in the manner that they do when they enter into stock market transactions. This knowledge will help you to understand not only your own behavior but also give you a deeper insight into the causes and motivations behind the behavior of your fellow investors.

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