Bitcoin Finds Strong Support At $55k (Alt Season Rages On)

Top Dog Trading Course: What Is This About?

What can I learn by taking the Top Dog Trading Course? That’s the question that will be answered in this article. If you’ve ever wondered about the secrets that the professional traders know about the markets and successful trading, this article may open your eyes. Read it now, or forever stay in the dark…

Global Trading: Knowing the Pros and Cons

Whenever there is an exchange of goods, products or services among countries, global trading occurs. Such a business can be both beneficial and detrimental to countries. Having that competitive edge in the global market would entail businesses increasing their revenues while, at the same time, reducing their costs.

Different Scalping Styles to Day Trade the E-Mini Contracts

E-mini scalping technique employs components from technical trading, fundamental trading, and efficient market theory. Further, it seems that no two e-mini traders utilize some or all of these components in the same manner.

Dynamic Vs Static Risk Management for Swing Trading

Are you one of the many swing traders that takes the same level of risk notwithstanding the market conditions? Do you always trade “a thousand” shares just because that’s an easy number to remember? I will discuss some finer points that might help you to become better at managing risk.

Some Specific E-Mini Scalping Techniques

It seems that if you ask a hundred successful e-mini traders what style of trading they employ you might well get 100 different answers. For whatever reason, e-mini traders often employ highly individualistic trading styles.

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