Bitcoin Grows Stronger As Dollar Falters

3 Trading Strategies To Optimize MCX Tips

Multi Commodity Exchange is a prolific trading segment for the wide range commodities available to trade. Traders and investors use MCX tips to increase the profitability of their bullion, base metal and energy commodities. However, there are some dedicated strategies with which you may maximize the output of MCX trading tips.

What Does Mentoring Mean for New E-Mini Traders?

You see the term “mentoring” bandied about quite a bit these days and it can mean quite a few things, depending upon which program you choose. One mentor with whom I am friends calls e-mini mentoring something that allows you to ring her up whenever you don’t understand something in her handbook. Other e-mini mentors meet with individuals at a pre-set time once or twice a week and review the material assigned and make sure the new trader has a handle on the concepts being emphasized during a particular phase in their training.

Do You Routinely Take Profits at 8 Ticks? It’s A Good Way to Lose Money

One of the hallmarks of a trader who is trading in the fear-based phase of e-mini trading is one who takes his profits to early relative to where one has set his/her stop/loss. I have observed traders with experience levels ranging from beginner to experienced make this mistake in their e-mini trading. If you set your stop loss to 8, I suppose this risk/reward ratio would work, but the randomness in the market is probably going to stop you out through market noise.

If You Could Pick Just One Contract For E-Mini Trading, What Would It Be? Why?

With such a variety of contracts available for e-mini trading, surely there have to be one or two that are better than the rest. That is partially true, but it primarily depends on what the cash markets are doing and your level of trading experience. The point is that it depends what is going on in your head and the market movement.

Timeless Techniques for Binary Options Trading

Binary Options Trading is generally known for its short expiry dates, usually within several minutes to a few hours, which offer quick trades with high returns. Japanese candlestick strategy is a valid form of technical analysis for binary options.

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