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Do You Trade With One Oscillator, One Indicator?

All to often I see traders rely upon a single indicator or oscillator to make trading decisions. This practice gives the trader a one dimensional view of the market and may result in a myopic view of what is actually occurring during the trading suggest. I suggest adding a few different views of the market to get a better handle on what the market is actually doing.

Day Trading – Is Day Trading a Risky Endeavor?

If you’re experienced enough you think the times of daytraders. When the dot com bubble was happening, forget it. It seemed like the simplest job, sitting around on your rear making in a day what people make in a month or a year.

Why Don’t We Just Trade Anymore?

The recent popularity of computerized trading programs, especially the automated variety, begs the question, “what ever happened to good old trading?” To be sure, rates of return on investments have gone up appreciably, so what’s all the hoopla about?

Building Robust Trading Models and Trading Systems

Buildings and bamboo provide some useful analogies that can help a trader build reliable and profitable trading systems and models. Buildings are extremely strong structures, but they have to be flexible enough to move with strong winds, or storms, or else they face a greater possibility of falling over. Bamboo is similar to buildings.

Simple Trading Strategy

In this article you will be given the basic ingredients for a very effective trading strategy. The tactics you will learn in this article are not what you will typically learn from most courses, ebooks, tutorials or websites.

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