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Online Trade Training

I’m shocked to see how many people do not have a online trade training plan. There are so many traders who do not even know how to setup a day trading plan.

The Basics and Importance on Understanding Trading Psychology

There are many barriers to being a successful trader. This is a highly stressful occupation that requires mental flexibility, toughness, patience, and a willingness to continually adapt the way you think about trading as the market changes. Often, this biggest enemy of the trader is the trader themselves, as there are psychological issues that come into play when someone goes from planning trades to actually trading their own, or other people’s money.

How To Become A Successful Penny Stock Trader?

There are some basic steps involved if you want to become a successful penny stock trader. Penny stocks can be a very lucrative investment when the right stocks are chosen but the wrong choice can quickly wipe out all of your capital.

Option Trading School – America’s Most Wanted Man!

It is not the terrorist leader, arms dealer or drug kingpin that many of you might be thinking of with a headline like this one. If anyone of you see this man please report them immediately so we can turn them in to the government and reap our reward!

Option Trading School – Owning Stocks During a Financial Crisis

Many people are faced with the predicament of being long (owning stocks) during a financial crisis. The companies held in an investor’s portfolio that were thought of as strong, stable and profitable businesses are all of a sudden volatile, risky and filled with holes. It is important to have a plan for all positions and not fall into these two common mistakes that many people make during a financial crisis.

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