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The 4 Best Tools for Your Futures Trading Screen

In my trading I use the phrase “Less in More” coined famously by architect Mies Van Der Rohe. My trading screen remains simple and easy to interpret the market data. The key to having a simple trading screen is to remove all the clutter and indicators that do not directly relate to your trading plan. In this article I will discuss 4 tool that I use on my trading screen.

The Secrets On Developing High Probability Trading Strategies

A lot of people are on a quest on finding the best trading strategy that assures to produce enormous profits for their investment. Most are hoping to find high probability trading strategies that doesn’t require a lot of work to put into and even have zero risk involved. Though it’s very possible for you to develop a strategy that can produce great rewards, no strategy involves zero risk and effort.

Day Trading For a Living

Day trading for a living can be a pretty difficult way to earn. You have to start with a rather large quantity of money to even get going, and then you have to survive through the steep learning curve in order to even start becoming profitable, and earning a living. This can often take 6 months to a year, and most traders don’t make it through which leads to a 90 percent or higher failure rate for those who attempt day trading.

E-Mini Trading: The Trouble With Trading Gaps

It is not unusual to hear individuals ask about trading the “high probability” gap trades. It seems that there is a perception (by some traders) that e-mini gap trading falls into the sure-fire trade class of trades. Note: I have yet to locate a sure-fire trade in several decades of trading.

Surprising Anomalies in E-Mini Trading and Trend Lines

I’ve been writing some about e-mini trend lines lately and noted my observation, in several of the articles, of the declining use of this valuable charting tool. I don’t have any illusions that a couple of articles by a relatively unknown author will have any effect on the use of trend lines; but if just a couple of traders see the value of trend lines and e-mini trading, then I suppose I have done my job.

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