Bitcoin Tops $63k All Time High (Ethereum Best Chance at $2500)

Fiance Visas Keeping You Together

The first question is do you have a foreign national that you are in love with that resides in a country outside the United States? The second one is do you want to marry that individual and make them your spouse? If the answer to both of those questions is yes then you need a fiance visa. Too often either through ignorance or a misguided sense of thinking they are smarter than the system people that fall in love with individuals from foreign countries apply for the wrong type of visas, and are then surprised when the results are disastrous. If you think you are the first one who believes they will just get a tourist visa, or a work visa, or a student visa rest assured that you are not even the first person who has had that thought this week.

Letting Your Profits Run

The widely believed concept of “letting your profits run and cutting your losses” doesn’t really hold good or make any sense in my book and logic for earning a living from the financial markets. Yes!

GAAP and IFRS Differences and Implementations

Globalization has acted as a catalyst for the convergence of cultures and business applications. This convergence is pushing the accounting world to adapt a single unified accounting standard. The two major accounting standards that exist today are the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The two standards overlap in many areas, but there still remains many differences in reporting between the two.

GAAP Vs IFRS – A Brief Overview

GAAP, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, is the accounting standard used in the US, UK, Japan, China and other handful countries, while IFRS, the International Financial Reporting Systems, is the accounting standard used in the majority of countries around the world including all the members of the European Union. These two accounting frameworks are not the only ones used around the globe but, by far, they are the most adapted by international companies and corporations that function in our current unified global market. In this article, I will briefly present some of the differences of these two accounting frameworks.

Comprehesive Mortgage Auditing

Comprehensive reporting is both a forensic investigation and securitization analysis of a residential property lien with a few important additions. Dive into the profit margins of securitizing parties.

Key Medicare Annual Enrollment Choices

Medicare choices during the Annual Enrollment Period are confusing. However, there are some key choices to consider before deciding on a specific plan. This article sorts those out so making your specific choices are easier.

How Bitcoin Works

This article explain how bitcoin works and where it’s possible to use bitcoin. It also explain about the recent developments with bitcoin casino and pokersites.

YOU Alone Are Responsible for Your Success or Failure!

Stop blaming others for the sorry state you find yourself in. You either have a result or you have an excuse to why you didn’t get the result you wanted. Here is a massive secret for you that the rich and wealthy all know and understand.

Fast Refinance

Fast refinance provides you multiple benefits like same-day approval, no additional fees, increased savings and quicker access to funds. Understand fast refinance in detail and know how a finance broker can help you in getting the finance product quickly.

How to Become a Successful First-Time Investor?

It is important to be successful in becoming a first-time property investor because it increases your chances of earning more income. Here are few tips and suggestions to help you obtain your first investment property loan.

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