Bitcoin WILL Shock The World (Strongest December Ever)

Common Challenge For Day Traders

Profitable consistency is one of the hardest achievements for day traders. It’s fairly common to build a good trading system, but it’s extremely difficult to execute your system without mistakes. We discuss how taking responsibility for your mistakes is the first step to eliminating the costly mistakes that impact your trading consistency.

Trading Psychology Lesson – Impulse Trading

Impulse trades are bad trades because they are executed without proper analysis or method. Successful traders have a particular trading method or style which serves them well, and the impulse trade is one which is done outside of this usual method. It is a bad trading decision which causes a bad trade. So, how does a trader know that they’re at risk of an impulse trade, i.e. how does one stop the problem before it develops?

The Way Opening Range Trading Strategy Will Make You Wealthy

The Opening Range Breakout is just about the most straightforward day trading set-ups to know. The first hour of the trading day is considered the most volatile. Bears and bulls are battling it out in the stock market, wishing to tell you who is will be the dominating group for the entire day. This volatility creates a price-range you’ll be able to trade from. Like all breakout trading set-ups, it is a fantastic set-up since it offers a very low risk entry.

Forex Trading – 5 Major Mistakes To Avoid

When learning forex trading there are five major mistakes to avoid. Would you like to learn what they are? If you do, you can be rich sooner rather than later.

Discover How Fibonacci Trading Works

It is not always easy to understand the ins and outs of the financial market. This is especially true when the understanding and application of complex analytical methods becomes involved.

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