Bitcoin’s Bullish Breakout Strategy (Market Trends Flipping?)

Short Term Trading Strategies

Short term trading strategies by their very nature are expected to produce worthwhile returns over a brief investment duration. Here we will look at three short term trading strategies and try to give some insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each style.

An Introduction to CFD Trading

CFD or ‘Contracts For Difference’ is a financial instrument that reflects the price movements of the underlying share or index. One can profit from the price movement by trading this derivative product.

Daytrading Strategies: Futures Trading for Beginners

What is the difference between the traders that succeed and those that do not? There is no one answer, but there are a number of elements that work against us as traders. Some of them are…

Binary Options: The New Fad

When looking for a very simple way to invest, one should certainly consider binary options. They are fun as well as quite possibly profitable.

4 Reasons to Use Tick Charts in E-Mini Trading

E-mini trading charts are a visual representation of the data created by the price action of the market. Traders have a number of choices as to how that data is represented on a trading chart. In my opinion, most traders seem to opt for time-based charting methods.

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