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Child Benefit – Should You Opt Out?

It is estimated that only around 200,000 people have opted out of receiving child benefit since the government announced the new rules. This probably leaves around one million people who are very likely to be hit by the ‘high income child benefit charge’. As the vast majority of our clients earn well in excess of the earnings figures discussed below, this is an issue that will affect many, and perhaps making an informed choice now can make matters simpler. So what are these new rules and should you take action to opt out of receiving child benefit?

Saving Money on Your Laundry

Having clean clothes is a must, but is continuing to get more and more expensive. Newer and more advanced products are coming out, and the price speaks for itself. Doing laundry is something you will always have to do, so you need to know how to maximize your savings.

Planning For a Baby – What You Need To Know

As part of my live well series, I wanted to address the financial implications of having children, or more specifically, having your first child. While becoming a parent is very exciting and fulfilling, it’s also significantly life changing in many ways… but here, let me focus on the financial aspects of becoming a parent.

The Downside of Saving Money

Why putting your money in your average savings account is a bad idea and where you can put it to beat inflation. The economy is getting worst, but that doesn’t mean the value of your dollar should either!

Making Money From Home – AKA, Your Future!

Making money from home is something many people dream of. But most people fail to realize this dream can easily become a reality!

Navigating Three Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Policy Other Than Your Driving Record

There are certain obvious factors that affect how much your auto insurance premiums will be. For example, regardless of who you are, your driving record will affect how much you pay monthly for your insurance.

When Insurance Meets Fraud

Honestly speaking, from all points of view, being involved in insurance fraud is a bad idea. This is a get rich quick scheme that some individuals employ to take advantage of insurance companies and get them to pay out money in the form of claim for which they are not eligible to receive.

Banking and Financial Institutions – Curbing Future Challenges

Banking and financial institutions are broadly categorizing themselves to offer maximum support to their worldwide customers. Even they are using high-end technological podiums to strategically face today’s business challenges.

Exploring The Top Reasons Why Insurance Claims Are Rejected

Just because you have an insurance policy does not automatically mean that you will receive a payout in the event of an adverse occurrence. The insurance company where you file a claim at may deny your claim.

What Are The Links Between Traffic Tickets And Insurance?

Everyone knows that the more traffic tickets you have on your driving record, the higher your insurance premiums are likely to be. Tickets not only affect your insurance but they may also interfere with your ability to get a job, especially if the company hiring is going to entrust you with their company vehicle in conducting your daily activities. Others will not require that you drive but may view your irresponsibility on the road as an indicator of your overall responsibility and deny you the job.

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