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Could You Explain Your E-Mini Trading Plan to Me? (Part 2)

In part 1 of this article I described the reluctance of beginning e-mini traders to formulate and write a comprehensive e-mini trading plan. Like many things in trading, I suppose that activities besides actual e-mini trading are perceived as spurious and unnecessary.

Could You Explain Your E-Mini Trading Plan to Me? (Part 1)

After about five weeks of general trading instruction, I offhandedly announce (in the third student mentoring session) that we are going to formulate a specific e-mini trading plan for each individual. Following this announcement, I am generally bombarded with a series of puzzled expressions from the bewildered individual.

The Future Of Online Day Trading

I remember a time when we use to think of Day Trading as a practice that is beyond reach as we assumed Day Trading was done in a crowded Wall Street type trading room with lots of businessmen yelling and engaging in the markets in “Real Time”. It wasn’t anything regular people like us could imagine ourselves doing, without any credentials or certificates and definitely without a broker. The concept of Day Trading in general was and still is very interesting for those of us seeking a side income or a new challenge, one that is financially rewarding!

Essence of Trading: Make Trading Worth Your Time

Day trading is not just about monitoring the markets and firing off orders like a mad man. Its purpose is to make money. Like any other money making business, you have to allocate time for planning and grow it with a lot of care.

Start Small At Binary Options Platforms

Binary options related investment websites are pretty alluring and more and more people are coming at these platforms. The most significant thing that a trader has to keep in mind is to invest small amount of money in the beginning while getting familiarity with this process.

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