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Classic Methods of Forecasting Financial Markets

There are many methods of forecasting financial markets. The most popular are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Some traders think that technical analysis is more important than fundamental analysis. Let’s look at this!

Support and Resistance Strategies for Day Trading Stocks and Forex

Everyone talks about support and resistance, but few know how to use it, and they use it in the wrong way. Support and resistance are powerful tools, if the trader has a strategy to identify and use the levels.

The Benefits of DMA CFDs

Direct Market Access or DMA is the often used to describe a variety of CFDs that have become popular in the Australia market, these are affectionately known as DMA CFDs. With DMA CFDs your trade is passed directly through to the underlying share market with no dealer or market maker intervention, this means that orders are executed at the true market price and in a timely manner with no re-quotes. Trading DMA CFDs is much like trading shares online.

Day Trading CFDs for a Living

Day trading contracts for difference (CFDs), stocks or indices, has become popular in recent times. The popularity of day trading has been largely due to numerous advertisements for money making systems, seminars and educational courses that guarantee overnight success. Many of these courses also profess to be low risk and require only a small capital outlay. The truth is, trading is hard work, the more time you devote developing a successful trading plan the more likely it is that you will succeed, however you should be aware that success will not come overnight or without losses.

CFD Trading and Managing the Risks

Like all financial products there are risks trading CFDs. Risk is generally linked to returns, the riskier the investment the higher the potential returns, however if risk is managed correctly it can be significantly reduced. When trading CFDs this can be done through the use of stop-loss orders and simple portfolio hedging. This article explains the key risks associated with trading CFDs and what can be done to reduce them without having an effect on the significant returns that CFDs can provide.

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