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Five Advantages of Spread Betting

Why should you using spread betting versus traditional methods of investment? Here’s a quick guide to why you should use spread betting compare to CFD’s and normal stock buying.

Should You Use Mobile Spread Betting?

Smart phones like the iPhone, Blackberry and Android have helped revolutionise mobile spread betting. Previously everyone was concerned with security, execution times and ease of use but it seems those concerns have been addressed as City Index announced in April 2011 that the number of trades made on their award winning City Trading Application on the iPhone has gone from making only 3% trade in 2009 to over 15% in 2011. It seems that traders behaviour has altered from using the traditional web trading platform to using mobile technologies help traders check positions, charts and prices on the move….

Learning To Trade CFDs

If you are planning to enter into CFD trading or Contracts for difference trading, you need to be aware of the basic procedures for buying and selling CFDs. Although, buying and selling CFDs is very similar to buying and selling shares, you still need to have some basic understanding of how to work with CFDs. If you master the art of selling and buying CFDs, the sky is the limit.

Using Spreads in Option Trading

If you only buy options, the deck is stacked against you. Roughly 75% of options expire worthless or are closed at a loss. Since everything must add up to 100%, that means if 75% lose then only 25% win. If those odds sound good to you, you should spend a lot of time in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

4 Unbreakable E-Mini Trade Management Rules

Once you have entered an e-mini trade a new set of concerns becomes the trader’s prime concern. Trade management is just one of the skills in which a trader must become proficient.

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