E-Mini Trading: Support and Resistance and How It Affects Your Trading

I like trading indicators that help me understand e-mini trading in real time. I can think of no better real time trading experience than watching price action move toward a known area of support/resistance (SAR) and evaluating what the possible outcomes may be when price collides with support lines or resistance lines.

Currency Day Trading for Beginners

It is a fact that the majority of the people who invest in forex fail. There are a lot of advertisements which encourage day trading and often depict people making loads of cash overnight. While there is money to be made, it is important to know there are also risks involved with day trading and to educate oneself on the market and other day trading tips before one embarks upon this exciting venture.

E-Mini Trading: Is Support and Resistance Really That Important?

Given a choice of just one e-mini trading indicator/chart pattern I would select, hands down, support and resistance. In my little world of trading, support and resistance (SAR) reign supreme.

Options Trading Strategies: Simple Lessons on Successful Option Trading

As more and more people are getting interested in investments and the likes, more and more options trading strategies are becoming readily available to beginners and even to expert traders. Though these suggested techniques that could be accessed over the web have no guarantees, interested individuals are still giving it a try as some can really be very useful and helpful. So, in here are some practical tips and useful strategies on options trading.

How To Find A Day Trading Coach

Most day traders frequently jump between trading systems searching for the “holy grail” of technical indicators or the latest day trading program they find on the internet. We are the only ones that can evolve ourselves into profitable day traders. Working with a compatible and successful day trading coach can be an effective way enhance our efforts to day trading success.

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