Tips and Tricks Every Forex Trader Must Know

The idea that foreign exchange investing is confusing is a typical mistaken belief. That myth shows true for those that do not take advantage of research prior to investing. With the suggestions in this article, you can make certain that your foreign exchange endeavors will get off to a correct start.

Binary Options in Today’s Market

With uncertainty in the economy the world over, binary options are a great option for beginner traders to get in and start investing through a financial instrument. When one looks at the Euro Zone it is characterized by pessimism and uncertainty about what is going to happen.

After a Losing E-Mini Trade, Can You Keep Your Emotions Under Control?

There is certainly no shortage of articles pertaining to e-mini trading and emotions. While many of these articles are quite helpful, there are a slew of articles that are unhelpful nonsense.

Have You Been E-Mini Trading for Several Years and Still Losing?

It’s not uncommon for me to talk with e-mini traders who have been at it for several years and are still losing money. Usually, these traders have invested in a wide variety of books, pamphlets, and watch numerous YouTube videos in a desperate attempt to turn their e-mini trading around. You certainly can’t say these traders are lazy or unmotivated.

Three Habits of Successful Beginning E-Mini Traders

There are a variety of numbers bandied about concerning the success rate of beginning e-mini traders. Most often, you hear that 95% of all new traders fail within three months. That’s a pretty scary number, and when I hear it repeated I often wonder why anyone would want to tackle the challenges this career poses.

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