E-Mini Trading: Learn to Identify, Isolate and Interpret Variables and Watch Your Profit Soar

In an e-mini trading world riddled with outdated indicators and some truly bizarre trading methodology, beginning traders would benefit from recent advances in trading technology. If you have sampled any of my past articles, you know I am not a fan of lagging indicators as primary indicators for e-mini trade selection. In my world great trading arises from selecting influential real time variables and measuring those variables for decisions related to e-mini price movement.

Trading the Markets Automatically Using Robots

The use of automatic systems or robots to navigate the markets is becoming increasingly popular. This article gives emphasis to their use in making trade decisions.

When Is A Good Time to Learn to Trade?

I have no shortage of potential e-mini traders who, for various job related reasons, would like to learn to supplement their retirement income by day trading. Most explain they plan to begin their training when they retire. With that thought in mind, there is going to be a serious time lapse between beginning the learning process and actually showing an actual profit.

Do You Trade 3 Minute Charts? What’s the Correlation Between Time and Trading?

For years I have watched e-mini traders in sheer bewilderment as they preach price action then slap a 3-minute chart on the computer screen. My question is always the same; what does time have to do with e-mini trading if price action is the key to success? Of course I usually get a shrug and a comment like, “that’s how I learned to trade.”

Are Lagging Indicators the Reason So Many New E-Mini Traders Implode?

There can be no doubt that an extraordinary number of first-time e-mini traders are finished with trading within three months. To be sure, various statistics put the failure rate upward of 90%. Surely there must be some reason for this extraordinary rate of failure.

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