Taking a Close Look at Binary Options Trading

In many respects, regular options and binary options are similar and there is only one major difference. These are based on a system where maximum loss and profit is known by the trader beforehand. It is this feature of these options that makes it easier for people to calculate the risk and reward associated with them before making a trade. They are also known as all-for-nothing or digital options. These options are regarded as an easy form of investment, especially for novices. Banks looking to hedge their interest rate and currency risks and investors following financial trends in the market are keen to invest in binary options.

How to Improve Your Analysis With Stock Charting Software

Ever since the technological realm has witnessed immense growth in digital communication and processing, the possibilities of harnessing its power to analyses data have also grown immensely. The amount of calculations done and the volume of data involved in these analyses would have been quite difficult and extremely time consuming if done manually. This is the reason behind the rising popularity of stock charting software.

A Funny Moment In My E-Mini Trading Career

To most people e-mini trading is pretty serious business; which is to say there isn’t a whole lot of levity in most e-mini trading rooms. Nope, this is a solemn experience and you better not get caught cutting up or having a good time; after all, we are talking about real money here; cold hard cash, moolah, real greenbacks and the stuff of disappointment, letdown, heartbreak and failure. More than anything, we deal with pure, all American, unadulterated greed.

Which Set-Ups Are Least Profitable in My E-Mini Trading Experience?

It is with a certain amount of trepidation that I begin to write this particular article. However, everyone occasionally loses when e-mini trading and I am no exception. In the article prior to this one I described my very best set-ups and winning trades. This article will describe the e-mini trades I take that are, ahem, not exactly trades that you want to emulate.

What Are My Favorite Set-Ups For E-Mini Trading?

I track every e-mini trade that I execute on a commercially produced Excel-based spreadsheet for review at a later time. This particular spreadsheet requires me to enter some fairly detailed information about each trade and on a separate page tallies the information and provides me with a complete page of my trading metrics. In short, I know what trades are working and what trades are dogs.

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