Charting for Visual Interpretation in Forex Trading

The Japanese Candlestick pattern of charting in Forex Trading reports is an old one, used since the 1800’s. It makes a very easily interpreted visual to explain how trading for the day went. Though it can look complicated to chart, it is really very simple. The boxes, or candlesticks, are based on the opening, closing, high, and low.

What Is Day Trading All About? Day Trading Is Much Easier Than You May Think!

As humans, competition is a driving factor in all the actions that we take on a daily basis. Day Trading is highly competitive, so if you thrive on competition you will love the day trading atmosphere. So you want to know what day trading is all about?

How to Get Started Trading Penny Stocks

When most people think of penny stocks, they tend to associate them with being get rich quick opportunities at first, then complete scams once they’ve lost all of their money. Complete newbies will often believe the penny stock they’ve read about and are invested in are the next Apple or Microsoft, and most often what ends up happening is they end up losing most or all of their investment because the stock kept sinking and eventually did a reverse split. Even the lucky ones who buy at the right time and have the potential to sell into a rally often…

Tips for Choosing a Good Trading Course?

There are many things to consider when looking for a trading course. Firstly, you need to consider the quality of a trading course. There are many courses out there which range in price.

Why Trading And Investing Are An Art Form

Trading mastery is not about trading mechanically, rather it is about find your true trading personality. Once found you can create a trading style and trading system to suit your psychology. Only when you do this will you become a master at the trading game.

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