Range Trading – Using Range Trading To Fast Track Your Path To Riches

Range trading – this is a word that is common to many people nowadays due to the large losses that investor suffered recently due to the global financial crisis. As opposed to directional trading, range trading looks to identify the top and the bottom of the price range and profit from it. True range traders don’t care about direction.

Forex Trading – Timing the Signals

Forex for beginners requires that you know when to enter or exit a trade. Full time traders know that the slightest hesitation to responding to a signal would see you register losses to your trading account. In forex trading, it is advisable that you view the trading execution and the decision making as different elements. You should only execute the trading action when all the technical requirements of the trade are complete.

Spot Forex Dealing

Spot forex trading was coined from the concept of on the spot buying and selling that means the entire transaction doesn’t take greater than working days at the most. There isn’t any idea of future trading here.

Forex Trading Tips – 6 Ways To Become A More Successful Trader

Here are some Forex trading tips you should consider before investing in Forex trading. Chances are you won’t get rich overnight, but it might help to save most of your trading capital while still learning to trade.

Range Trading – Is Forex Range Trading A Profitable Money Making Strategy For You?

You will often read expert traders stating that range trading is not a sound trading strategy as you need volatility in the forex markets to make money. Whilst there is some truth in this, this applies mostly to big trading houses and forex brokers. I think a range trading strategy may be more appropriate for retail investors, who have generally less of a risk appetite compared to the big guys.

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