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What We Can Learn From The Cyprus Banking Collapse

How the banking system in Cyprus has impacted the confidence of consumers from around the European Union and around the world. What we can learn from this and how to move forward.

7 Advantages of Using Advanced MICR Check Scanning for Check Clearing

There are a number of benefits and advantages for businesses and personally, of using MICR Check Scanning for the clearing of checks. Your Cash Flow will be greatly improved because Online Payment Solutions like eRemitpro are able to scan your checks to an account of your choice. Operational efficiency is improved because it is no longer necessary to waste time depositing your checks and handling paper remittances for your business transactions.

Improve Credit Scores And Reduce Household Expenses With These Six Ideas

It’s always wise to review your household financial strategy from time to time to see if there are any areas where you can not only reduce your ongoing expenses but ultimately improve your credit score. And we all know how credit scores are now tied to all kinds of things – from the interest rate on personal loans to your insurance premiums. Here are six suggestions that can make handling household finances easier right now.

How to Successfully Achieve a “Credit Rebound”

Low credit scores lead to higher borrowing costs, and in higher insurance rates. Low credit scores can also mean being denied affordable housing, a car, or worse yet, an employment opportunity. The term “rebound buyer” is becoming more familiar in today’s difficult economy.

Financial Fitness Tips for the Mom Entrepreneur

One of the greatest gifts of being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to flex your financial muscles. It’s also one of the greatest challenges for me personally.

Banking In Tough Economic Environment

Despite worldwide economic crisis and weakness of the global markets, banking sector is continuously taking smarter moves for stability and development. Today, communities are facing complex business transformations, rising commodity prices, overheating of oil prices, and border tensions.

Is Your Retirement Plan at Risk?

A lot of media has focused this past week on President Obama’s desire to limit tax-deferred retirement plans to no more than $3,000,000 in assets saying that was adequate to fund any normal person’s retirement. President Obama’s goal of course is to find some method to raise adequate money to continue the out of control spending that takes place in Washington and there is a huge pool of money sitting in retirement plans; a delectable treat for any politician. Will this happen though? Will the establishment in Washington think it’s a good idea to raid people’s retirement plans like the Cyprus government did people’s bank accounts?

How To Monetize Your Accounts Receivable

Where businesses can access working capital while waiting for their clients to pay for work already done. What you need to know about these non conventional sources of business working capital.

How to Make Money and Become More Productive

Most people don’t just want to make money, they want to make more money. Unfortunately the majority think that they are going to accomplish this by working harder and longer. They fail to realize that the key to making more money is in becoming more productive. For this reason the need is to work smarter, not harder. Here are a few tips that I have learnt as a business owner that have helped me to become more productive.

How To Not Choose A Merchant Services Provider

Choosing a merchant services provider can be one of the most important decision owners a business owner or leader can make. If not done correctly, it could lead to increased business operating costs, lower revenues, and a myriad of headaches for you and your customers.

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