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PPI Rejected? – PPI Claims Can Be Appealed and Won

Payment Protection Insurance has been in the news for many years and for good reason too. It is bad enough that the banks have been miss-selling PPI policies to millions on consumers. But to reject a valid claim as soon as it is received is unjust. We explore this further and find out what you can do to fight back.

What Are The Alternative Financing Channels For SMEs? (Amended Version)

The Singapore’s Government has for a long time been trying to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship among Singaporeans. But it recognises the difficulties SMEs may face in securing financial aid from banks; hence it has come up with a host of schemes to assist SMEs. Government Assistance Schemes There exists a number of loan and insurance schemes co-funded by the Government [specifically, IE (International Enterprise) Singapore and Spring Singapore] and administrated by participating financial institutions.

Valuing Stocks: The DDM Way

This generic truism can be applied to every tangible or intangible thing we can imagine. However, it can’t be more apt than in the valuing of Shares. As common retail investors, we buy shares at a price which we seem to agree with on various technical levels and also because our relative or broker said so.

It’s Never Too Early To Plan Your Exit

There are more than 15 million family-owned businesses in the United States, ranging in size from one-man businesses and mom & pop shops to multi-million dollar corporations like Mars and Walmart. In spite of the large number of family-owned companies, only one-third will make it to a second generation. One reason for this is because companies sometimes fail to plan for their eventual exit, also known as succession planning.

What Is Your Fiduciary Responsibility As Plan Administrator?

Creating a 401(k) plan is a great way to reward employees for their service, but it carries liability for employers in terms of fiduciary responsibility. Make sure you understand your responsibility as the employer and how this impacts you.

What Is a Portfolio Management Service?

As an investor, the moment you invest your money – in whatever financial instrument you choose – you initiate your own personal investment portfolio. A ‘good’ investment portfolio as such is one containing a healthy mix of low risk, medium risk and high risk investments straddling various investment tools such as debt funds, stock and fixed income elements. A portfolio management service (PMS) is a service that helps you tailor the investments of your portfolio to suit your own personal needs, financial goals and long-term investment objectives. However, according to SEBI regulations, one cannot avail of portfolio management services until their portfolio is worth at least Rs. 5 lakh.

Stock Market Charts Used By Investors

Understanding the stock market is like trying to figure out astrophysics for many. We hear of the impact on the economy when stocks go low and wonder what it means for us.

Do Your Taxes Have Bad Breath?

How you plan your taxes is most likely how you plan your financial life. It’s time to be proactive, not reactive! I want your financial life to be easier for you. Here’s my step by step plan on how to stay on top of your taxes.

Leaping Into the 6th Technology Revolution

We are seven years into the beginning of what analysts call the Sixth Revolution. From the end of the 18th century to today, each period of extensive technological innovation has drastically changed the way we do business.

How Much Do You Know About The World Of Finance Or How Much Do You Know About Money?

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