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Are All E-Mini Trading Setups Created Equal?

A relatively new member in my trading room stated “all I am interested in doing is learning your setups” during a particularly dry session I was reciting on the merits of consistently drawing trend lines. Now, I realize that going over the correct technique for drawing trend lines is not exactly scintillating, but this new trader’s brash statement was hardly the first time I’d heard this trading mentality.

Could You Make A Living As A Financial Market Trader?

There are many myths about learning to trade. I am addressing the most common pitfalls so that you can make the transition from learning to trade to trading for a living quickly and easily.

Know Your Risks With Trading Options

Risk is a core element of trading in the Stock Market. When trading any security at any level, there is no way to avoid risk, but only the ability to manage and minimize that risk. Any professional trader would agree that risk management is a critical component of building a successful portfolio over the long-term. And within that, the art of trading options carries risks, just the same. It is critical to your trading success that you recognize and understand the most common risks that come along with trading options

Forex Money Management Rules

The money management strategy is very personalized, since it is designed and executed to meet individual requirements of a trader. This strategy varies from one trader to another, because every trader has a different goal, different risk tolerance level, and different amount of capital.

Day Trading Indicators to Watch

Many indicators can be used on a chart, but they are practically useless if one does not have the knowledge of how to interpret them. One tip used by many investors is to keep indicators on a chart to a minimum.

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