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Making Decisions During Bad Trading

It is always bad to have capital loss at stake but it is our reaction to such situation that brings about disaster. There are a few choices you can take when meeting a bad trade.

Day in the Life of a Swing Trader

The typical life of a swing trader is far more boring than most think. You’re not glued to a monitor all day and you can be done in less than 30 minutes after the markets open. See how a seasoned swing trader manages his day.

Choosing the Right Day Trading Course For Your Needs

Are you currently involved in day trading? Are you successful already? Would you like to be more successful? Day trading is a really fast-paced form of investing where you can make or lose a fortune in a few minutes if not seconds. Read on to find out more…

5 Ways to Stay Profitable in a Scary Market

Are you consumed by fear? Do you over trade? There are guidelines that help with these problems. Five rules to trade by…

Spread Betting Companies – How to Choose One

If you are thinking about trading using financial spread betting then you need to think about selecting an account from one of the spread betting companies there are in the market. There are lots of them to choose from and it can seem quite overwhelming when you first start searching.

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