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Is A Vengeful Heart Blocking My Blessings?

Genesis 30:14-15 shows a bitter battle between two sisters. There was probably a time when they were close, but many of us have seen how a man can come between two women. Leah is bitter toward her sister because she feels that it is Rachel’s fault that she feels so unloved. As a result, she is unwilling to share the mandrakes that Rachel asked for. Leah’s actions can teach us two lessons about giving.

How to Protect and Increase Your Wealth

Knowing the past is extremely helpful in determining what is likely to occur in the future. While we should not expect the future to be an exact replica of the past, the similarities can be astounding.

Enterprise Solutions V13 – Streamline Your Workflow

Most of this year’s changes deal with inventory features that have been on the wish list for a while, especially if inventory is a huge component of your business. While there is still a need for 3rd party inventory add-ons, these new features are sufficient for many and will definitely make it easier to get work done faster and more efficiently. Some of the new inventory changes are only for those with an active Advanced Inventory subscription.

What Should I Do When Finances Don’t Work As Planned?

In Genesis, Jacob felt deceived by Laban. He toiled for seven years, anticipating the day Rachel could become his wife. We can imagine how Jacob felt after working so hard toward a goal, only to be let down in the end. We have all experienced similar let-downs in our lives. Here are some of the most common financial challenges in today’s economic times.

What Is Your Motivation To Work?

Jacob’s statement in Genesis 29:18 led me to think about the reasons we choose to work. For each of us, the answer may be different. Let’s explore some of the most common motivations to work.

What Is The Difference Between Currency And True Money?

Currency has been around in various paper forms throughout societies for generations. People use it every day. But how many people truly know what the difference is between paper currency and money?

Choose a Place to Live Well on a Modest Income

Glossy magazines often feature superb homes in America’s richest neighborhoods – sprawling homes in various architectural styles, fashionably done up interiors, amazing kitchens and bathrooms, and what have you. And of course, many of these come with million dollar price tags.

Insights Into Credit Management

There is a widespread misconception concerning Credit Management that it is concerned solely with cash collection. Actually this is far from the truth. I would therefore seek to highlight some critical issues and in the process broaden the reader’s awareness.

Can You Still Take A Leap Onto The Property Ladder While Mortgage Approval Dives?

Mortgage approval has slumped to the lowest level seen in 15 years in the last month, according to new figures. There were only 51,610 mortgages approved in June, which is the lowest number of approvals since records began in 1997.

Important Features of a Bookkeeper

When becoming a bookkeeper you need to ensure you are meeting the certain requirements to gain trust from businesses. Below you will find each aspect outlined in detail.

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