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Day Trading With Penny Stocks 101

If you have been considering trading stocks or have extra income you can afford to invest, it is highly recommended that you try day trading. With penny stocks, day traders make lots of money every single day and the number of full time day traders making money online is phenomenal.

An Introduction To Scalp Trading

Scalp Trading is a term that is thrown around a lot when you hear day traders talk but really scalp trading is a particular style of trading. It is a style that involves a high frequency of order tickets with a profit target of only a few cents.

Online Hedge Fund Certification Program – Why Not to Complete One

This article is all about why not to complete an online hedge fund certification program. By reading this piece you will learn the wrong reasons that you would want to complete a HF certification.

An E-Mini Trader’s Guide To Profitability

E-mini trading is no easy task yet each day hundreds of novice traders start up accounts and give it a shot. 90% of these traders will close their accounts in less than 6 months. This staggering number is evidence that the vast majority of traders are missing out on a few key principles to profitable e-mini trading. These traders have access to the same systems and information as those that are successful yet they continue to fail. Why?

E-Mini Trading – Develop The Skills Needed

A common misconception about the e-mini markets is that an individual, who has never traded before, can open an account, develop a strategy using various lagging indicators, and get immediate results. There seems to be an overwhelming number of people who don’t quite grasp the concept that trading is a skill. Anyone can lean it but very few have the patience and discipline to master it.

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