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Somehow Instant Costs a Lot, But Sending Money Is Now Almost Free

We grew up with the knowledge that everything that comes easy and convenient comes with a price-which is true in the past. Going back in time, in order to send money to people who do not live near us means going through the postal office. Remember that this process involves operators who need to be trusted because you are already in doubt of sending money since money itself poses a lot of temptation.

Next Generation Online Banking

Banks are financial institutions which have existed for a very long time, established and often the most reliable way to save, store and exchange monetary values-especially if it involves large amounts. However, banking can cause a lot of money, and efforts in order to have a successful transaction, not everyone can afford to maintain and make transactions in a bank. Due to the rise of many other forms of financial institutions and technological advances, the common people and large accounts have wished their banking transactions to change.

Falling Yen’s Effect On International Currencies

Reuters reported that Japanese currency’s continuous deflation affecting other Asian country’s currency value, import and export trade. The continuous falling of Japanese yen makes Asian countries such as South Korea, India and Indonesia’s economies uncompetitive which might cause currency war. Other countries let their currencies go down in order to support their own economies.

How Online Financial Hackers Are Stealing From Your Wallet

One moment you are happy that you are able to control your finances and your credit card debts by having discipline and control on all your transactions. The next moment, you are bombarded with a long list on your credit card bill-transactions you may not even have dreamed of making in the first place. What happened?

Money Transfer Technologies

With all these technological developments, moving money is simpler than before. Earlier, transferring money meant a visit to the bank. But that is no longer needed as there are various technologies in play to make money transfer easy and convenient.

The Convenience of Having A Digital Wallet

With the high rise in crimes related to robberies and theft, many of us wonder how much convenience it would be to walk around having a good amount of money in our pockets. It is not a hidden fact that some criminals are so desperate in their acts that they will go through any means to acquire however little that they do have. For people who are often engaged in monetary transactions-such as but not limited to buying and selling-this has become a big problem.

Is Online Banking Safe at a Credit Union?

As the use of online banking becomes more popular people are asking if online banking safe at a credit union? With the use of encrypted software and the use of unique usernames and passwords, you can be sure the credit union is providing you with safe, convenient banking options. It is also important to make good decisions when using online banking which include: creating a strong password, never send usernames through e-mail, access accounts from a secure location, always log out when you complete your online banking session, monitor your accounts regularly and be sure to shred your financial mail. Nothing is perfectly safe, but if you follow basic safety measures you can limit your risks.

3 Tips for Sending Money Overseas

Sending money overseas might sound straightforward enough, but without proper planning and research, you could end up losing a lot to fees and poor exchange rates. Particularly if you are buying property abroad or regularly sending money overseas, the differences can become very significant.

HCL Technologies Reveals That 62% of Digital Currency Users Are Contented With Its Service

While 62 percent of the Australian businesses believe that alternative currency platforms are critical and risky, the remaining 45 percent of those organizations said that they are contented or more than contented with its services. Through a research study commissioned by HCL Technologies and conducted by Roy Morgan Research in Australia, most frequent users of electronic payments are businesses in the retail trade, accommodation and food service industries, and organizations with an annual turnover in excess of $1 million or with more than 20 employees. Michael Horton, Country Manager of Australia and New Zealand, HCL…

Paying Your Bills Online

When the world migrated to doing communication online, a lot of things which used to be hard to do in the past became easier-like writing to each other and talking to each other. Every day, changes make our lives more convenient and technology allows us to do things in a faster and easier way. The world of finance and economics has slowly changed to become a part of this technology savvy world and consumers crave to be able to do almost everything by the click of the finger, like that on features of an online wallet.

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