CRITICAL Bear Market Cryptos To Hold (BEST Tokens For Long Term Profits)

Forex Trading – Death by a Thousand Cuts

Death by a thousand cuts – I love that analogy but experiencing that is really painful! There was a stage in my career where I actually experienced it and reading the book “Hedge Fund Market Wizards” by Jack Swagger it just brought back the memories of it so I thought I’d share it hoping it might save you the pain! So let’s get into it, let me explain: You get into a trade, for examples sake lets say “short”, and it begins moving against you.

New York Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange is unique. Why? The New York Stock Exchange has been in continual operation for 213 years. No other entities, other than the thirteen original states, have been in continual operation for that length of time.

Why Fundamentals Matter In Trading

A lot of traders think that fundamentals do not matter. What they are missing are the trading opportunities they set up.

Dealing Through an Automated Forex Trading Platform

Easy-Forex provides a largest range of top quality financial services with assisting you different online trading platforms. Easy to use.

Why Trading Education Programs Are a Good Investment

Day trading is a hyper-competitive job, and although the dream of trading from home in your pajamas is often touted, the truth is that it takes hard work to be successful. Giving yourself an edge through things like advanced education can make the difference between full-time day trading and not giving up your day job.

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