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Profiting From A Falling Market: Contracts For Difference (CFDs)

Big falls on stock markets around the globe only serve to highlight the potential benefits of CFDs for institutions and experienced traders. This is because CFDs potentially enable you to profit from a falling market. A CFD is a leveraged product. This means that for a deposit the investor can control a contract worth in some cases ten times the amount of their deposit.

What You Need to Know When Opening a Share Dealing Account

For any new beginner who seeks to open a share dealing account and embark on the new adventure of dealing shares online, it becomes a daunting task when faced with the large number of trading brokerages all vying to get you to become their client. So what are the most important aspects to look at when deciding on a share dealing account?

The Difference Between Trading Success and Trading Failure

In Trading and Investing, the small, seemingly insignificant differences in the choices you make and how you execute your actions can make the difference between a massive gain vs. a massive loss. There are a few CRITICAL things to remember and keep in the forefront of your mind if you want to propel yourself to MORE success and MORE income and wealth from your trading and longer term investing.

Keeping The Fear Factor In Day Trading Can Be A Good Thing

Investors learn to conquer the fear of stock trading after they gain knowledge and first hand experience. As a new investor you will have to study, read, and practice before you get comfortable enough where you do not worry about the trades that you make. Some take longer than others to get to this point. If you are investing with money you cannot afford to lose, there is a strong likelihood that the fear factor will not subside. And if that is the case then you should wait until such time as your financial situation improves to where you or your family will not suffer if you do have losses. Day trading is not a sure thing. Most new traders do lose money and unfortunately that is a well known fact. So having a little fear while day trading is a good thing. It might keep you out of some bad trades and cut your losses on other trades.

Basket Trading for Beginners

In this section, we will discuss the following topics: -Basket Trading Strategies (general concepts) -Basket Trading ETF’s versus ETF’s -Basket Trading ETF’s versus Stocks -Basket Trading Stocks versus Stocks The general concept of Basket Trading usually involves buying a Basket of Stocks or ETF’s and selling short a second Basket of Stocks or ETF’s. This trade can last as little as a few minutes or as long as a trader wants. It can involve as many or as few stocks or ETF’s as a trader wants. The concept makes sense when compared with the natural ebb and flow of money in the Equities Markets.

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