Crypto Gaming – Lost Relics, Tutorial Walkthrough

Employment Background Checks Explained

Every employer should be doing background checks on their prospective employees. This should be common place and employees should expect it, unfortunately they do not. If you have an interviewee who takes offence at having them done, might have something to hide. Obviously, this will not be the case for everyone, but it does give you food for thought.

The Next Ten Investment Bubbles

MarketWatch recently ran a piece titled The next 10 investment bubbles by Wallace Witkowski, and I thought this would make a nice follow-up to last week’s commentary on the Two-Term Presidential Curse where two-term presidencies appear to end in bubbles and busts. Bubble # 1: U.S. Stocks: The U.S. bull market is now almost five years old with the S&P 500 up 170% since its March 2009 low. The last 10% correction ended in June 2012 and the S&P is up another 40% since… and while corrections normally reset markets, what’s different this time is the environment of extremely low interest rates and the $85 billion in monthly stimulus that’s fueling the rally in stocks.

The Most Ridiculous Things to Ever Be Insured

Insurance is not just for homes and vehicles, but can also protect you financially against the loss of… your tongue. While this may seem ridiculous, people-from athletes to actors-have taken out policies to protect the body parts they need to make their living.

Financial Planning – Have An Insight To It!

‘Finance’ symbolizes money and when it comes to management of money or funds, then it is known as financial planning. It can be in various sectors like public finance, personal finance and corporate finance. Management is very essential so as to keep everything going in a smooth and slimy manner.

Benefits Of Managing Financial Funds – Have A Glimpse!

Financial planning is the best thing to do in the current situation, when the world is facing inflation at the extreme rate. If you are not serious towards financial management, least chances are there to enjoy a secure and stable life. Balance is required to keep things flowing without any obstacles. Financial management is very necessary for your own benefit, if management is at personal level.

What Is the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

The International Monetary Fund is an organization that came into effect after the Second World War. It was basically designed to find financial solutions to Global Financial problems for its member states while they endure patterns of economic cyclicity. This partnered fund can help them get back to their normalized growth potentials and repair damage after they have experienced less certain economic climates and downturns.

Save Money Online – 5 Easy Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Major Purchase

With the proper planning and knowledge, you can easily avoid the 5 mistakes many people make when making a major purchase. In many cases, you can save money by going online for these purchases.

What You Can Learn From a “Personal Finance for Engineers”

Just before the Twitter IPO, Adam Nash, the CEO of Wealthfront, gave a personal finance talk to Twitter’s engineers. While the presentation was geared toward young, tech-savvy high-earners, much of the advice it contained can be applied to anyone’s finances.

Merchant Processing – A Primer

Merchant service providers (or payment processors) facilitate the processing of consumer electronic payments. This is an overview of how credit and debit card transactions work.

FICO to Offer Scores Free

Over half of all Americans say that they have no idea what their credit scores are. This isn’t surprising; until fairly recently, those scores and the factors that affected them were carefully guarded secrets.

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