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Forex Trade Online: 3 Benefits of Starting Your Forex Trading Career Now!

The impact of the Internet on the participants of the forex market. In the good old days when the foreign exchange market is only reserved to the institutional banks and the hedge funds, the forex market is only reserved to the selected few wealthy groups. However, with the dawn of the internet age, the playing field has leveled and the arrival of the Internet has changed the way trading works. Now, individuals like you and me can easily participate in this market. The biggest, most liquid financial market in the world with a daily turnover of 4 trillion dollar as of 2010!!

How to Trade

The stock market can seem confusing and overwhelming to self-directed investors who are learning how to buy stocks. But understanding the basic fundamentals of how the stock market works can help any beginner learn how to trade shares of stock.

E-Mini Trading: Low Volume Traders and Trading to the Long Side of the Market

There are periods of time when trading is dominated by smaller retail traders who trade in contract lots of one or two contracts. Most traders who trade the YM on a consistent basis are aware of the tendency of smaller e-mini traders to take long positions during the lunch break. This time of day is often referred to as the “stand down” period.

E-Mini Trading: Displaying Price Data on Bar Charts – Which Method Is Best?

If you ask a group of 10 e-mini traders which type of bar they prefer on their trading charts you will find no shortage of strong opinions. Most traders were taught to trade on a specific type of bar, say a candlestick, and adjust to their trading to the art of reading candlestick charts. Generally speaking, once they have learned a specific system it is difficult to dislodge, especially if the e-mini trader has been having success with candlesticks.

E-Mini Trading: Are You Gambling or Trading Consistently?

The success statistics in e-mini are just plain startling. The vast majority of e-mini traders are not consistently successful, and the ratio is not even close to positive.

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