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Realistic Retirement Strategies

Today, I have some advice for those of you heading into retirement or already into retirement and have realized that, for whatever reason, whether it was an unforeseen or medical expense or just a lack of excess income after all the expenses of taking care of your family or whether you just didn’t pay attention to saving until it was too late. My theme for you continues to be “Yes, you can retire and live twice the life at half the cost”. You just have to be smart about it”.

Why Swing Trading Is Favorable For Beginner Traders

Beginner traders start investing money without a clear understanding of time frames and its importance in trading. In this article, let me explain why it’s important for beginner traders to start out as a swing trader or an intermediate trader and not as a day trader.

Liberals Speak About Fixing the FoFA Mess

The Coalition wants to fix the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms that the Labor Party put into place. Also, around 16 amendments are bound to be introduced by the Liberals.

Sell Your House Fast Via Advertising Tactics

This tactic can sell your house fast, but it comes with a catch- you’ll have to hire an SEO specialist to do the technical stuff for you. SEO tactics can’t be learned overnight, and most of these require thorough knowledge of Internet operations and programming.

Overview of UAE Banking Sector

The UAE banking sector is still in recovery stage, post the 2008-09 real estate crisis in Dubai. However, the financial performance of the banks has stabilised especially over the past couple of years. The UAE banks, particularly Dubai based banks, are facing asset quality challenges, as reflected in their high proportion of non-performing loans and low level of provisions.

Tips for Investment Services and Financial Services

Before making a decision to engage in investment services and financial services, it is important to consider a number of critical factors. These include defining your goals, evaluating how quickly you can get your investment back, determining the type of earning expected, the form of earnings, and the level of risk involved. Importantly, it is necessary to consider diversifying your investments in order to spread risk and possible sources of earnings. These points will ensure that you do not make unwise decisions that could lead to investing in loss-making ventures.

Five Years Since The 2008 Financial Crisis

It’s been 5 years since the 2008 financial crisis. Lehman went bankrupt. Stocks were down big. Home prices were down between 10-20%. 2.6 million people lost their jobs. This year, Fidelity did a really cool study. They surveyed 1100 adult investors and asked them what they do differently. So how do you think about money today vs. 5 years ago?

Leveraging Your Stuff – Where To Sell Everything

Credit repair is a complex process with a lot of moving parts. Part of it is to settle your debts and start building some savings again, a process that many people find frustrating and demoralizing. How can you save money when you’re in so much debt already, short of giving up sleep to get another job?

Expense Reduction Services and the Role of Cost Management Consultants

Organizations of the modern age are in grave need of reduction in their expenses. This process is vital for non stagnation of the enterprise. Consistent profits would do no good to the owners. Thus amendments in the financial domain of the organization are compulsory.

Essentiality of a Professional Auditing Company in Expense and Overhead Cost Reduction

Finance is the spinal element of every organization. Without adequate financial stronghold, organizations are likely to miss out on opportunities of huge commercial accomplishments. Business owners prefer to keep a tab on their financial records.

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