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What Do Day Traders Do?

Enter the exciting world of day trading. What is it? How do people make money? How much money can they make? And lots more info.

Large Lot Institutions Explained for Beginner Investors and Traders

Beginner investors and traders should be careful about entries and exits into the stock market. Main challenges retail investors and traders face today, are figuring out when when Dark Pools are quietly buying or selling, and when High Frequency Traders are going to suddenly appear Being on the “wrong side of the trade” aka trading against the Large Lot Institutions, is the main reason individual traders have so many losses.

5 Basic Tips to Being Successful at Stock Day Trading

Constantly wondering how you can become a successful day investor at stock day trading? Many people have invested their money and time with the stock market exchange network, and only a few has made a sufficient profit.

Binary Options Trading Platform – 6 Things to Note

The partnership between you and the investment house can be the difference between making large sums of money quickly, and losing your initial investments. There are platforms that include customer service, encryption, 15% returns on “out of the money” and sites that return 70% of your initial investment. Due diligence will help you find the best binary options trading platforms.

E-Mini Trading: What Causes Traders to Over-Trade?

One of the mistakes I often see novice or beginning e-mini traders make is a tendency to take too many trades. This is called over-trading. On a typical day, I may see between 3 – 5 potential trades in the morning trading session.

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