Ethereum About to GO BERSERK! (Bitcoin & Crypto Run COMING)

Stock Market – Simple Steps for Catching Every Trend

The greatest advances in trading psychology are being made through improved understanding of what is going on in the subconscious level of the mind. Do you really know what makes you tick? Was your trading performance down because you were caught in rush hour traffic (frustration)? did not accompany your son to school (guilt)? developed an adversity to public performances, and by extension entertainment stocks, in the eighth grade (fear)?

How to Evaluate a Day Trading Strategy?

What do you consider before using a day trading strategy? Learn how to choose the best day trading strategy for yourself.

Five Powerful Levels of Support and Resistance Every Day Traders Should Know

In this article I show you five simple ways to find powerful support and resistance levels on your day-trading chart. Whatever your trading strategy using any combination of these levels will help you find better trade entries and targets and avoid bad trades, improving your actual trading results.

How To Tell If The Market Is Ranging Or Trending

In forex trading, it is important to figure out if the market is trending or ranging. This helps traders pinpoint their entry and exit levels for their trade setups. When the market is making higher lows, it means that it is trending higher. When the market is making lower highs, it means that it is trending lower. When price action is simply moving sideways between support and resistance, it means that it’s in a ranging environment.

Broker Review

I still recalled the day that I attended a large Forex conference in New York City, NY. a number of years ago and watched the managers of a large-scale forex education company illustrate all the reasons why they suggest MF Global as the best broker. The very next week I saw the report that MF Global had gone under.

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