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CFD Terminology – Understanding Contracts for Difference

There is lots of different terminology that a trader of contracts for difference must understand if they are going to get their head around all the information out there in the contracts for different world. Whether you are looking for a broker, developing trading strategies, or self educating, understanding the terminology (just like in lots of other disciplines) is the first step.


There is lots of knowledge and interest out there about FOREX trading. FOREX (Foreign Exchange) is simply purchasing a currency at one price and selling it at another price to make a profit. Currency markets are well known around the world, and your average Joe will have exposure to them when you go travelling to Europe or Asia as you will need to change your currency to be able to purchase things in the new country. You also may have exposure to foreign exchange markets if you ever made a purchase from overseas and had to calculate what the cost of the product was in your local currency.

Contract for Difference (CFD) Trading in New Zealand

New Zealand has been somewhat neglected up until recently as Australia is well recognized as the home of many traders. This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any traders in New Zealand, just that they probably had to organise to trade with brokers outside New Zealand.

Day Trading For Beginners – What Is Day Trading?

Day trading is an exciting way to make money in fact it can make you a lot of money, however is day trading for you and do you have what it takes to stick around in the trading world? I can’t answer these questions for you only you can.  If your new to trading then keep on reading because this article is a little guide explaining what exactly day trading is.

Multiple Time Frame Price Action – The Greatest Trading Edge

Price action is the single most important factor in trading. Trading against price action is account suicide and a sure fire way to lose money. If you trade based on the way you believe the market is going to behave and you’re trading against price action, the market will take your money away. The greatest trading “edge” is price action across multiple time frames.

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