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The 11 Fundamental Beliefs and Rules of Trading

These 11 rules are my rules that should be understood and acted upon every day. They will help keep yourself mentally prepared and your balance from suffering from major losses. I suggest keeping these on a mental checklist that you keep reviewing.

How to Discover and Interpret Support and Resistance Levels

Support and resistance indicate convergences in the market where the supply and the demand meet. In the market, prices are driven by either excessive supply where the prices trend down which is referred to as bearish or excessive demand where the prices trend up which is referred to as bullish. As the demand for a security increases, bulls take over as the market moves up while on the other hand when the supply increases, the counterpart or the bears take center stage and move the market down.

E-Mini Trading: Indicators? Oscillators? Which System Is Guaranteed to Work?

Anyone who has perused the Internet in search of potential e-mini trading education courses has been exposed to a wide variety of guarantees and outrageous claims. Many sites claim to have the latest and greatest new oscillator or indicator that will revolutionize the e-mini trading industry.

E-Mini Trading: Why Do Trading Courses Have to Be So Expensive?

It is not unusual to stumble upon e-mini trading courses ranging in cost from $5000-$8000. By any standard, that is a heck of a lot of money. Of even greater concern, potential e-mini traders enroll in a course without knowing the exact content and effectiveness of the program they are starting.

Learning to Trade – The Psychology to Win

When it comes to learning to trade one of the biggest lessons a person must learn is to learn about you. Everyone has doubt and that is a normal emotion. It is when doubt takes over and influences our behavior that we can end up under performing. In the end you are only hurting yourself.

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